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Featured Artist: Morgan Bukovec

Morgan Bukovec might be the most creative, inspiring, wacky, openminded, beautiful, person I know and I am extremely lucky to be touched with her devotion to her practice. Morgan is studying art education at the University of Dayton and has a talent for collage and ceramics. There is never a dull moment when spending time in the studio with Morgan, she is constantly brainstorming and developing new ideas & adventures. She currently is student teaching and working as an observer of the world & collector of miscellaneous things. She very much admires the work of Hollie Chastain & Emily Sullivan Smith (of course). Morgan is a one-of-a-kind and motivates me to be more like her everyday. 

Here's a look at my interview with Morgy Morgs:

AD: How did you decide to become an art education major and what inspired you?
MB: I went into college as an Early Education major, but found myself wandering the art department every day after class. At the end of my sophomore year, I felt like something was missing & I did not feel challenged enough within my major. After meeting with Dr. Darden Bradshaw, I realized I can make art, while studying to become a teacher, which led me to immediately switching my major to Art Education. As Miley Cyrus has said before, it’s the best of both worlds. Dr. Darden Bradshaw, my advisor, mentor, & friend, along with many of the professors in the art department, inspire me to make real differences in others lives. I want to be able to ignite a creative fire within students for them to grow as expressive individuals who are unapologetic about who they are. 

AD: What is your favorite medium to work with and why?
MB: I L0000VE collage. I love how there are endless options in collage. As a natural rule breaker, collage allows me to be playful, while intentional in my work. I don’t feel pressure when working, but a desire to make in order to create something that wasn’t there before. I love seeing textures, colors, & materials interacting with one another to create meanings and draw in sensations. These sensations, in turn, connect with my audience to produce a response. 

AD: What are you working on now?
MB: I am spending my summer working with Emily Sullivan Smith through the Dean’s Summer Fellowship. I am currently working on her art work 20 hours a week as well as my own. Right now I am experimenting with different collage techniques and researching various artists that inspire me. I hope to create an exhibition by the end of summer filled with my collages that focus on the female experience. I am also in the process of making a website for my work, so stay tuned, funk followers. 

AD: As an artist, what do you love most about making work?
MB: I love the playful messiness within the process of making work. If my studio looks like my mind exploded on the tables in front of me with materials like books, magazines, glitter, fabrics, paints, & photographs, then I’m golden. Also, if I’m not covered in glue by the end of making my work then something is wrong. 

AD: Tell me 3 random fun facts about you
MB: 1. This is more weird than fun, but I love making connections with strangers. I try to ask questions & talk to as many strangers as I can. I usually take a picture of the random individuals I talk to, so I can remember the passions & lessons they’ve shared with me. (that’s so corny/creepy, but whatevvah). 

2. I want to open up a Disco dance bar and call it “The Disco.” Picture this: fruity drinks with funky twirly straws, orange corduroy, platform heels, flare blue jeans, big hair, disco balls everywhere, & the best time of your life. “You should be dancing, yeah” -Bee Gees just watch this & you’ll understand: 

3. I love rain more than most. I think it’s funny watching people freak out over being hit by rain drops like its the end of the world. I love the fresh / wormy smell, the sound, the way it forces you to feel uncomfortable in your own skin, I love driving, dancing, and running in the rain. I can extend this conversation about rain for hours, but I know you’re like “it’s just rain, man.” It’s the best. 

After Note: I also asked dear ol' Morgan to tell me her dream job and this is what I received: 

MB: My dream job is to be a sailor, gardener, collage artist, teacher, gallery owner, tea brewer, potter, professional fish net maker / sand castle builder. 

Follow Morgan on her adventures, follow her art Instagram @artartpoptart or on her website:)  

Glam Morgan by Me

Glam Morgan by Me

Morgan and her Collages By Meg Gramza

Morgan and her Collages By Meg Gramza

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