featured artist: matt (tini) albertini

Matt Albertini is a close friend of mine from high school. He is studying Creative Producing at DePaul University in the great city of Chicago. He is extremely talented at what he does and loves to make movies & short films with his friends from the 'burbs. Him and his friends know how to have a good time and are always in search of an exciting adventure & fresh music. That being said, Matt's dream job is to be a producer and to work with the music industry. He is truly an inspiration to me and you can see his love for film in his work & writing. 

I asked Matt a series of questions for my blog about how he got into videography. His responses were pretty great:

AD: What got you into film? What/who inspired you?
MA: I got my first video camera when I was in 5th grade. It was one of those Flip camcorders and me and my friends would run around our neighborhood making stupid little videos, kind of like vines. When I was around 13 I got really into skating and started watching a lot of videos. I was subscribed to hella channels on youtube both big and small, and those were what originally sparked my interest. I loved the style of editing, the music, and the hijinx. I realized that’s all it really took to make an entertaining video so I bought a DSLR and a fisheye lens and started filming anything I could, at the time it was mostly me and my friends messing around and skating. My sophomore year of high school I joined the TV club and learned a lot about the technical side of video production from my teacher, Bill Allen. From there on I started filming a bunch of videos for school, for my friends, and even a couple for a local high school film festival. In general I was inspired by people who filmed for fun and didn’t care about how many hits they got on youtube or if everyone was going to like what they made. Their films seemed real and far more authentic than those that were hyper focused on the technicalities of production and mass appeal.

AD: What do usually shoot? Have you recognized a reoccuring theme/style with your work?
MA: I like to document times that I think are special and that I will want to remember, whether that be a hike with my friends at Starved Rock, a bonfire, a birthday party, literally anything. Music inspires a lot of what I shoot as well. When I listen to music I always picture an idea for a scene or music video in my head and I will always try to recreate that as best as I can.  Pretty much all of the videos I have made are non-narrative and inspired by music, friends and good-times. If I had to describe my films, I would say they are all just documentations of my life-style and the things I think are cool or make me happy.

AD: What are you working on now?
MA: It’s an interesting transition for me given how much I have learned in school. I’ve been doing a lot of writing and planning for potential films that I would like to produce in the near future. I’m beginning to stray away from just filming whatever I can and focusing more on real productions. I plan on helping to produce a fantastic screenplay written by my friend Tim Cundy in the spring which I am really excited about. One of the screenplays I’ve been writing is centered around the modern punk/rock music scene and its manifestation in a suburban environment. I also plan on producing a lot of music videos in the near future, not for money or anything, just because I think it would be fun and cool. 

AD: What have you learned as a videography major? What kinds of classes have you taken?
MA: Lots of the introductory classes I have taken so far didn’t teach me a whole lot more than what I already learned in high school. That’s not a shot at DePaul, I am just really fortunate to have gone to a high school with such an amazing TV program and utilities. The most interesting classes I have taken so far are the classes on film structure and history. Telling a story through film is an extremely unique and often times complicated process. Learning about the history, the technology, the development of genres, and methods of story telling is extremely rewarding as a film student. I’ve watched more films in the past year than I can even count which I think is really important in learning what qualities of a film I will want to consider when I work in the future. 

Finally, I asked Matt to tell me three random fun facts about him (fun facts are the best facts). 

MA: 1. My favorite beer is New Glarus Spotted Cow
       2. My late great great aunt Ellen was a movie star in LA (she was in Wedding Crashers, Shameless, Patch Adams to name a few)
       3. My favorite band right now is Twin Peaks

Matt is a rad dude & an awesome friend, I highly recommend checking out his stuff.